Data Protection


The Weblaw AG offers a professional and attractive online portal to jurists and other interested persons. The portal contains legal articles and (search) support. The portal can not and should not replace the legal counselling in specific individual cases.

Accessible information on the online portal.

The Weblaw AG allows access to diverse and high quality information and services by the Weblaw AG and third parties. All information is protected by copyright. Though the Weblaw AG is eager to ensure that all information is correct as of the date of publication, no assurance or guarantee can be made regarding completeness and content-related accuracy (reliability) of the information.

Information and services from third parties on the Weblaw AG’s online portal and on their own websites are entirely within the responsibility of the third party in question.

In the same way, the Weblaw AG also declines all liability for content or correct functioning of external websites that are reachable via hyperlinks, particularly via the legal database.

Information and services on the portal can be changed at any time without announcements. This also applies for these conditions of use.


If a contractual relationship is constituted between the Weblaw AG and the user of a service, the Weblaw AG can only be hold liable for damages that it has caused intentionally or through their own gross negligence and that lie within the area of responsibility of the Weblaw AG. The Weblaw AG does assume no liability for damages caused by their auxiliary agents while executing their work.

The Weblaw AG is not liable for loss of profit, loss of data or other indirect damages where namely caused by misinformation or technical malfunctions.

The Weblaw AG is not liable for mistakes that do not lie within their area of responsibility. In particular, the Weblaw AG can not be held responsible for interruptions that result from the area of telecommunications.


Content and structure of the Weblaw AG’s online portal, especially the online magazine, are protected by copyright. Reproduction (in full or in part), transmission (by electronic or other means), modification, connection or use for commercial or public purposes (particularly for incorporation in a website) requires the prior approval of the Weblaw AG.

Without explicit approval by the Weblaw AG, the duplication and/or distribution constitute a violation of the Swiss Copyright Act (CopA) and may entail consequences according to civil or criminal law.

Data Protection.

The Weblaw AG gathers and uses personal data for handling its business activity. Personal data is treated confidentially and appropriately secured from attacks. By entering personal data in a contact form or e-mailing us such information, the user is deemed to approve of our processing of his/her personal data. The Weblaw AG thus adheres to the Swiss data protection regulations and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The user is aware that his/her data can be read or even changed by third parties if transmitted uncoded. Clients will be informed about interesting products or services periodically. Personal data will not be transferred to third parties. 

The data produced on our platform by accessing are statistically evaluated in collaboration with the WEMF AG for Advertising Media Research. The WEMF AG uses tags on our platform that register accesses and IP addresses of accessing computers. This data will be evaluated for statistical reasons only. The WEMF AG does neither receive customer data nor can it create links to customer data. 

It should also be noted that for evaluating and optimizing the website as well as for managing the advertising platforms, specialized services by Google are used. These are Google Analytics, Google AdSense and Google DoubleClick. These Google services use Cookies and gather technical information on the website’s visitors (e.g. IP address, used browser, date and time of access). It cannot be excluded that this data is saved outside Switzerland, is subject to other legal regulations and/or will be transferred to third parties by Google. The Weblaw AG does not transmit client data to Google. Additionally, the Weblaw AG uses Google fonts on their websites, and

The website of the Weblaw AG uses cookies. These are necessary to fully use the website and all its functions. 
The Weblaw AG saves the accesses of their website in technical server log files. Amongst others, the following information is saved: visited website; time of access; used browser; used operating system; used IP address.
There are no social media plugins on the website of the Weblaw AG. Merely links to the Weblaw AG’s social media presences are displayed. For some areas of their website, the Weblaw AG can request a login via a social media network such as Xing or LinkedIn and can use the data from the social media network for contact purposes.

The Weblaw AG sends out e-mails with content subscribed to or informing about interesting products and services. The e-mail recipients can always renounce the reception of e-mails via The services Zynex and Mailchimp are used for the sending of e-mails. Both services rate the reception and the utilisation of the e-mails by the recipient. Name, sex, e-mail address and the Weblaw AG’s services subscribed to are transmitted by the Weblaw AG to those services. Mailchimp’s servers are located in the United States of America and the data is hosted there. It cannot be excluded that this data is subject to other legal regulations and/or will be transferred to third parties by Mailchimp or Zynex. The Weblaw AG does not transmit any other client data to Mailchimp or Zynex. For the sending of the contact form, the Weblaw AG uses reCAPTCHA.

For a direct client contact via chat, the Weblaw AG uses the services Slack and Drift. The Weblaw AG does not transmit client data to Slack or Drift. If a client is actively using Slack and/or Drift and, by doing so, is logged into a social media service such as Xing or LinkedIn, a connection can be made between the user and his/her social media profile. The Weblaw AG can use the data from the social media network for contact purposes. 

For the performance of Webinars, Brown Bags and other live events, the Weblaw AG uses the service The data is hosted in Switzerland. The Weblaw AG transmits the participants’ names and e-mail addresses to It cannot be excluded that this data is saved outside Switzerland, is subject to other legal regulations and/or will be transferred to third parties by The Weblaw AG does not transmit any other client data to 

The Weblaw AG operates an app for iOS and Android. The app can be downloaded both providers’ app stores for free. The data protection provisions of the two app stores apply. The Weblaw AG does not transmit client data to both app stores.

For the physical shipment of books, magazines and other products, the Weblaw AG can transmit the client data required for the shipment to shipping and printing companies from Switzerland and the EU.

Weblaw AG, May 2018