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3. Alps Forum

3. Alps Forum der Law and Economics Foundation St. Gallen
Sep 27


3. Alps Forum der Law and Economics Foundation St. Gallen



Am 26. und 27. September 2019 findet in Sporz (Lenzerheide) das 3. Alps Forum statt, welches von der Law and Economics Foundation St. Gallen in Kooperation mit der Universität St. Gallen durchgeführt wird. Das Forum steht unter dem Titel «Blockchain – Bewährung in der Praxis?» und beleuchtet rechtliche und wirtschaftliche Aspekte von Blockchain-Anwendungen in verschiedenen Bereichen. Auch dieses Jahr sprechen am Forum hochkarätige Referierende aus Wissenschaft, Recht und Wirtschaft.

Where Research Meets Practice!

Digitalisation is a buzzword in today’s environment. But an annual investment of about 1 billion euros in LegalTech applications alone shows that it is more than a hype. It is a promising area for both research and practice.

Legal informatics itself is not new. It has been around for over 60 years. However, the need to streamline and digitalise processes to remain competitive has increased over the past few years.

While there is promising research activity, researchers often lack access to prospective users and real-life data to take their projects to the next level. And businesses often look for ways to digitalise specific tasks without knowing the state of research. And without knowing that there might already be a solution under development which can be tweaked to perfectly fit their needs. This is where ReMeP 2021 comes in: ReMeP 2021 will bring the two worlds together to the benefit of both sides.

Objectives of ReMeP

The conference will connect researchers who wish to present their projects with businesses that are looking for solutions to digitalise certain tasks. There will be ample time to explore a number of interesting and promising legal informatics projects in depth.

Researchers will benefit from real-life feedback on their projects

And businesses will have a chance to influence the further development of informatics solution and suggest improvements that make the application even more valuable for their businesses.

Target Audience

  • Researchers and academics who are interested in connecting with and getting feedback from prospective users
  • Businesses that are looking into IT solutions and want to influence project development to make the solutions even more useful


Sunday, 5 September 2021

ReMeP 2021 kicks off on Sunday evening, 5 September 2021, with a very inspirational keynote given by Professor Michael Genesereth, University of Stanford: “The Legacy of Hammurabi” – Why Computational Law is the natural next step in a progression that began millennia ago...

Monday, 6 September 2021 and Tuesday, 7 September 2021

On two days full of workshops, keynotes and panel discussions, we will cover the following topics, among others:

  • Rule as code, in particular applications based on artificial intelligence
  • Is no code or low code a way to get lawyers involved in application development
  • Logic applications in law
  • Automated compliance tools and their possible application in practice
  • Legal and regulatory limitations for artificial intelligence
  • How do legal knowledge graphs work
  • Data security in the legal domain
  • Artificial intelligence at court

As always, there will also be workshops where you can learn about interesting and innovative practical applications of legal informatics.

Organised by Agentur Montesole GmbH

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